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All About Animals &
Animal Talk Radio
Enhanced Images' received a call from Denver, CO, in 2002, requesting our assistance in establishing an online presence for a talk radio show, soon to be nationally syndicated. The challenge in creating a logo and website for this emerging business was to accurately represent the show's diverse range of interests, products, and associates, while stressing it's message of animal advocacy.

Presenting a balanced visual platform for the exposure of issues such as animal cruelty and healthcare options, vs. the often funny, upbeat, loving message of pet "ownership", presented Enhanced Images and Garden Plum Enterprises with an opportunity to shine. We found the challenge enjoyable and educational, and the site followed.

Business Specs
Radio Show host Andrea Floyd-Wilson offers a weekly talk radio show on KLZ in Denver, and boasts over twenty years of experience, with a degree in broadcast journalism. She and her husband, Shawn, had just closed a 12 year business in breeding and boarding dogs, and decided instead to offer their expertise and appreciation for the world of animals to a wider audience.

The Logo

The message of the weekly radio show and related monthly newsletter is in "The Voice of Those Who Cannot Speak". The logo represents animal voices in fragments of conversation, using words such as "truth", "faith", and "heart". The logo was created using a number of original images, in Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.

The resulting logo became the focal point of an animation, which "opens" the site with the message "All about Animals". Stories, memorials, an "Ani-MALL" offering natural pet food products, and links to educational organizations also have their places on the site.

Business Success
web site
Since launching in late 2002, All About Animals has experienced great success in bringing their caring message to a much wider audience, and has been able to direct high traffic and interest to their site, resulting in increased visibility, recognition, and a platform for the sales of past shows, upcoming seminars, and the sponsorship of radio programs.

An additional product line of natural health products for humans using no animal testing was recently added to this site. We wish All About Animals continued growth and success.