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Animal Communicator
Joyce Leake
Joyce Leake is an animal communicator. She came to Enhanced Images through another satisfied client, who was enthusiastic about her own new web site. While Joyce already had a distinct web presence, she was seeking a more personalized and friendly image, while hoping to add to her visibility and credibility as a respected educator, author, and speaker in the field of animal communication.


"How do I communicate with animals? I am interpreting an instinctual language... Unspoken communications exist between humans who may not share a common verbal language... We create and "read" sign languages, symbols and signals created to bypass verbal language. As with the understanding of any language, it bears repeating until a familiar pattern is recognized. There is an even more subtle level of communication (between animals and humans) which our conscious minds must be "opened" to comprehend."

We, then, had to be open to the honest interpretation and representation of Joyce's work. Although the subject of animal communication can easily be put in an ethereal context, Joyce is a realist, a writer, and an educator. While her current site was functional, Joyce hoped to offer a wider range of information, including interactive aspects that would involve clients in learning more about the animals they share life with, memorializing their loved animal companions, and registering for upcoming workshops.

Presenting a reading room, testimonials, and overviews of events, workshops, and appearances, Enhanced Images and Garden Plum Enterprises enjoyed working with Joyce to create an educational atmosphere, rather than a simple advertisement of her services. Adding visual interest is a photographic slide show of the stone Labyrinth that exists on Joyce's property in Kiowa, Colorado.

The Labyrinth

web site
Wendy Stevens, of Garden Plum Enterprises brought her artistic talents to the table on this site. We specialize in creating beautiful sites, with interactive games and playful animations that bring a sense of whimsy to the more serious design, using Photoshop, Flash, and PaintShop Pro.

An interactive "virtual Labyrinth" (above) offers multiple messages of inspiration as you follow its path, and memorial stones are available for purchase in a loved pets name. Messages and flowers can be added, along with a photo of the loved one.

Since launching in February, 2003, Animal Communicator has experienced great success in bringing Joyce's message of understanding to a much wider audience, resulting in increased visibility,world-wide recognition, book sales, and event registrations. Joyce has recently appeared on a Japanese television series, and continues to expand on her presence in Japan.

A recent re-design of this site added functionality and e-commerce, along with a new color scheme.

"A quick note to let you know how wonderful this site is. I am still reading and reading and navigating and more...it flows, has great content and is very inviting. I am in awe of your talent to listen and put it all together. Great work. I feel really lucky. I have had 3 inquiries already for workshops, etc. so good work for us. This is really great."
~Joyce Leake

We wish Joyce continued success.