enhanced images  

Web Site
web siteEnhanced Images stretched its creative wings with the launch, early in 1999, of belknaplandscape.com. Since then, a redesign in 2003, in collaboration with Sheehan Graphic Design, brought a whole new look to the site, and redefined the functionality of the space. It was nominated for numerous awards for site design. Included in the redesign was an online employment application.

This web site offers an incredible abundance of information for homeowners, including a newsletter, a kid's corner, product reviews, a virtual project gallery, and many other unique features that keep visitors coming back each month.

Radio and TV Broadcast
tvEnhanced Images orchestrated Belknap Landscape's first television commercial through the talents of Rutter Media and Heather Stockford of ReelShark Video Production, LLC. From beginning to end, the commercial premiered Belknap Landscape Company, Inc. , as a community-minded company deeply involved in the conservation of the Lakes Region's natural resources.

Newsletter 'Landscapes for Living'
newsletter Enhanced Images also wrote and orchestrated the production of Belknap Landscape Company, Inc.'s seasonal newsletter, entitled 'Landscapes for Living'. The newsletter features an advertising section that helps offset the cost of production.