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Big Heart Books and Seminars
Karen Bentley, presenter and author of Big Heart Seminars and books, was looking for an online presence that presented her seminar dates and registration information, while encouraging e-mail database sign-up. Karen had already experienced great success in bringing her message of love to the world with "The Book of Love", available here.

logo Her seminars are based on A Course in Miracles, and are presented at hotels in the New England area throughout the year. The site needed an approachable, universal feel, with an appeal to both sexes. It was also necessary to have access to Amazon for direct purchase of The Book of Love, and registration through PayPal for seminars.

This was accomplished using a templated site that Karen chose, (my FIRST time working with a template) from AllWebCo Design, and PHP scripting through Karen's own server. The template was personalized using Karen's photos and mine, new graphics, and Flash components. The animated graphics and font changes throughout the site create an accessible, upbeat, memorable online experience, and site submission through AllWebCo gained Karen an exciting launch, with 6 individuals signing up for the newsletter on her first day!

Karen's comment: "Oh yes, everything looks just fine. The web site is stunningly beautiful! It takes my breath away every time I make a visit.

I am getting an amazing amount of subscriptions every day. I think yesterday I got about 20. Maybe even 25. So that’s a lot of joy coming into my email box. Right now I am glad to have a direct view of what’s coming in so I can understand whether my little ad campaigns are working or not.

Thanks again, Kim, for helping me to bring the message of love into the world.

Love is the only thing that really matters!"

Karen Bentley


Since then, Karen says her consistent average subscriptions have"leveled off" to about 2 a day! We hope to increase that number consistently.


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"I was able to take a good long look at the web site late yesterday afternoon. All I can say is “Wow!” It’s stunningly beautiful. I especially like the way you did the graphics on the Love Advantage page.

Enhanced Images wishes Karen continued success.