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Bethel Woods Campground

web siteOverview
The Bethel Woods Resort, located in Holderness, NH has recently changed hands and is now owned and operated by Ann Bole. A campground site has been built to compliment the existing Inn at Bethel Woods site, which launched in 2002.

Web Design
The resort grounds feature the seasonal activities and excitement of the RV campground surrounding them. The campground required a showcase of upcoming events and an updated map of campsites and ammenities for the guests. The map, along with seasonal rules and reservation information, are available for download or print on the site.

Enhanced Images used active graphics and a nature theme, to produce a web site that is true to the casual, upbeat nature of the owners. A tour of the grounds offers the prospective visitor a choice of activities, and a clear view of the campground's many amenities.

roseThe site highlights the Resort's kid-friendly environment, while offering seasonal hookups for travelers, in a beautiful part of New Hampshire. Seasonal recreational opportunities, such as snowmobiling, boat tours, and hiking nearby offer a well-rounded vacation in the beautiful Lakes Region. (Original map revised by Enhanced Images.)

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