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Chehalis Hegner Melloni
Chehalis Hegner-Melloni has an enviable talent. Enviable also is the ability she has to share the most intimate of emotions through her fine art photography.
microcosms in timeChehalis' most recent black and white series presents an unusual perspective on details of the human form, with features of such contrast and expression that they touch the heart and soul with their beauty.

Using an innovative process, Chehalis offers us sensual and striking reflections in which the individual becomes familiar, caught in common emotion and action by her discerning eye. Her images have been said to portray "the god and goddess in all of humanity". They seem to be sensitive renderings of fine sculpture, visions of the human soul. A strong desire to offer her recent work to the public has brought her to the attention of a quickly growing audience. Her supporters include many other fine artists, friends of the arts, and now the Belknap Mill Society.

'Microcosms In Time' Exhibit
Presenting a program in April entitled "Microcosms In Time", Chehalis will allow us to see process as well as the final presentation of her work, through an edited video program she has created. The video is Chehalis' original catalogue of images, strands of time broken down to the individual frame, which is then further manipulated into photographs of singular beauty and amazing detail. The Thornton based artist uses her love of humanity and fine art to both educate and inspire. She currently teaches photography and presentation at Plymouth State College, in the Fine Arts Department.

Postcard Invitation
Postcard Invitation to "Microcosms in Time"...an Art Show sponsored by Belknap Landscape Company, Inc., to benefit the Belknap Mill's "Save the Bell Tower" Fund in 1999. The show included an unusual and unique view of tiny increments of time, created first on video, and then processed as photos of captured moments....Microcosms In Time. The invitations to the Artist's reception were a challenge because of the amount of information that needed to be conveyed.

'Lyrical' CD
lyricalA professional singer since college, Chehalis has played multiple Boston venues. Her singing voice is angelic, and her CD entitled "Lyrical" is available locally and on gardenplum.com. She is also a voice teacher and mentor for many, with students at Holderness School and as far south as Meredith. Along with her husband Romeo, a classical composer and contemporary artist, Chehalis has built an inspirational atmosphere in which her talents have room to grow. "Microcosms" opening will be attended by friends, coleagues, and many supporters of the program to save the Bell Tower at the Belknap Mill. A percentage of the sales from the show will be donated to that cause.

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Listen to a snippet of Chehalis's 'See Me Smile' (mp3 file).

All publicity, press release, sponsorship, print production, event coverage, and Gallery arrangements were managed by Kimberly Thomas. The event was very well attended, and the show was a great success.