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Garden Plum Enterprises

star girlThis company was a fledgeling start-up, premiering women's art on the world wide web. The owner needed assistance creating a 'feel' to the art on the site. She also needed business guidance. Enhanced Images came through by offering ideas and assistance, and editing content as this site prepared for launching. Enhanced Images was actively involved with Garden Plum in developing a fun site for girls.

Enhanced Images Owner, Kimberly Thomas, studied children's literature extensively in college. With this background, she was able to truly enhance this site by offering assistance in greek mythology, womens and girls fiction and historic fallacy, business writing, and many many creative ideas.

Technical Writing
girl's siteProduct proofing was essential, in order to launch the web site. While the technical components were being built, Enhanced Images was simultaneously proofing technical and creative aspects of the site. Enhanced's ability to completely proof the site gave the owner added peace of mind, knowing that the copy was maintaining a level of professionalism, and that typos and grammatical errors were not going to be seen by any visitor.

women's siteKim continues to contribute to the content of this site. Her close association with Garden Plum Enterprise's Wendy Stevens has blossomed into a cooperative, creative artistic partnership, which has produced award winning websites. Garden Plum's retail shop offers fine art and inspirational items created by some of Enhanced Images' clients. Wendy Stevens is a valued resource to Enhanced Images, contributing to a number of its larger, long term projects. Please peruse Garden Plum's site. Your comments are greatly appreciated. This site won the NH.com Site of the Week Award.