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The Meredith Crew
The Meredith Crew was developed in preparation for the increased population and traffic in one of Meredith's more natural parks. Trash was beginning to accumulate in a rather pristine area of Meredith.

The Meredith Crew was formed in 1999 by Keeler Lapham and Ross Robertson, who saw the need for trash clean-up at Swasey Park and Turtle Rock. After cleaning up the area, they went to the Town of Meredith, and asked for a no-littering sign, and their help. The town selectmen offered to make them T-shirts, and named them "The Meredith Crew". "The volunteer members of the crew would each receive T-shirts, be issued gloves at each clean-up effort, and would be called when the town needed a little extra help to prepare a public park for an event, for cleanup after the event, or when an area is in need of trash patrol. This was a great opportunity to learn early conservation, and that our actions can have a positive effect on our community. Thank you for your interest in "The Meredith Crew".

Keeler Lapham, Joanne Kelly, (parent) 279-7619
Ross Robertson, Kimberly Thomas, (parent) 279-5892
Vint Choiniere, Director of Parks & Recreation- 279-4538

Please help us to create our crew pledge, or promise, by offering your ideas below:

"As a member of The Meredith Crew, I promise to:"
Example: "Help my community, by keeping our parks and public areas litter-free."

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