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Web Site
web site
"Light Years Ahead of the Competition"... The upbeat personality of owner Mark Nicolai lent an atmosphere of fun to the design stage, and the organizational skills of Garden Plum's Wendy Stevens added the navigation and presentation needed to create a truly memorable online experience. Enhanced Images wrote content and took photographs for a slide show presentation of each vehicle. Featured vehicles, new stock, and sold items are constantly updated, on this fresh, highly visual site. A secure page for credit and loan applications offers the weary customer a one-stop-shopping experience in a business which is historically more tedious to navigate. Visit the site at www.millenniummotorsales.com.


Flash Services
asteroid An asteroid-gazing space-travel animation is a fine introduction to the modern auto buying experience. The "intro page" animation was created in Swish and Flash applications, with the assistance of Enhanced Computer's Chip Jestings, lending a fun flair to Millennium Auto Sales' "launch" in to the world wide web.