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Web Site
web siteThe site needed to reflect Kim's warm personality, while maintaining a professional appeal. Enhanced Images worked with Garden Plum Enterprises to create a colorful palette that was appealing to the owner, while employing a flash intro piece created years ago for Kim, by a grateful client. The integration of a mascot pet and a "dog's paw" mouse-over effect on navigation adds interest, and a whimsical touch.

Kim has an extensive portfolio to display. The presentation had to showcase the fine detail and quality of the individual pieces, and offer an overview of each project. This, along with client comments and a listing of Point Positive's professional services, is the essential focus of the site. Reciprocal links were added, to draw additional traffic to the site, and to showcase the organizations and clients that Point Positive represents.

Kim wanted to personalize the site further with a biography, and a special page dedicated to her Dalmatian, Jessie. Jessie is Kim's longtime companion, and Point Positive's resident mascot. Incorporating these aspects of Kim's life into her web site design resulted in a satisfied client, and a memorable web site. Visit the web site at www.pointpositive.com.