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RV Mobile Medic
Located in the heart of the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire, RV Mobile Medic boasts the areas largest RV parts and accessories store. RV Mobile Medic services recreational vehicles, with professional industry certified technicians, including on-site service.

Web Design
RV Mobile Medic needed a makeover for their web site. Enhanced Images providedweb site a brand new look and feel, created new functions such as a consignment tour area, and maintenance tips, and generally presented the site's services and information in a more personalized and easier-to-read format.

Enhanced Images produced animated graphics for the site, including a campfire page, complete with hooting owl and a crackling fire. Small campfires were used on the home page for navigation. Click on sample page above.

The focus of the site was to offer a responsive, certified service, with a personal touch. A consignment sales page offered an inside look at the RV's in a slide-show format. An "about us" page created a familiarity with the owner. A "campfire" animation added to the ambiance, while links to local campgrounds and an Inn offered related vacation resources. Their business increased markedly, and the client was very pleased with the new presentation.

RV Mobile Medic needed to boost their marketing and advertising efforts for the upcoming camping season. Enhanced Images offered assitance in the form of a new web site, and a tv broadcast promotion through Reel Shark Video Productions.

architectural elementEnhanced Images can meet both media and on-line marketing needs. For more information, visit our web design page.