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Web Design

Having an on-line presence is becoming more and more vital to business success. As the web industry expands to offer more information, services, and contact methods, the convenience for consumers has been recognized by a growing population. Pricing information is also available.
The Inn at Bethel Woods
web siteEnhanced Images and Garden Plum Enterprises collaborated to produce a web site that is true to the beauty of the elegant B&B atmosphere, while incorporating the Toomeys' more casual, upbeat nature. A tour of the Inn and the grounds offers the prospective visitor a choice of rooms, and a clear view of the Inn's many amenities.
Betty Hovey
betty hovey Enhanced Images Owner, Kimberly Thomas, worked very closely with Betty of Betty Hovey Interiors to delivery an American Colonial type web site that encompassed several architectural pieces in the design. In addition, she worked to make the client happy and delivery the product on time.
Belknap Landscape
blc Enhanced Images Owner, Kimberly Thomas, singlehandedly wrote the content for this web site, as well as supervised the graphic development. The result was a very environmentally pleasing web site that offered information to both prospective belknap landscape consumers, and environmentally consciouse people in general.
Ms. Garden Plum
ms. garden plum Enhanced Images Owner, Kimberly Thomas, holds a masters degree in children's literature. With this background, she was able to truly enhance this site by offering assistance in greek mythology, woman and girl fiction and fallacy, business writing skills, and many many creative ideas.
RV Mobile Medic
web siteRV Mobile Medic needed a makeover for their web site. Enhanced Images provided a brand new look and feel, created new functions such as a consignment tour area, and generally presented the information in an easier to read format.