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Why Enhanced Images
Enhanced Images is founded on the belief that each entity, be it business or personal, will be recognized by its best qualities, when they are presented consistently to the public eye. We offer a full range of business services, listed below:

Radio & TV Broadcast
Enhanced Images has extensive experience with commercial development, advertising campaign, radio talk shows, and radio advertisements. In cooperation with the Lakes Region's Reel Shark Video Productions, Rutter Media, Lakes Region Public Access Television, radio stations WLNH/WEMJ, and WEZS, (with 'The Advocates' Niel Young), Enhanced will assist in scripting and directing your project, and in approaching your best demographic. We are one of a few marketing firms in the area with radio & tv broadcast experience. Partnership with a knowledgeable videographer ensures quality commercial production and an affordable product.

Ad Campaign
Using well-timed press release, online visibility, or magazine advertisements, Enhanced Images will orchestrate and produce an ad campaign custom-made for your business. Utilizing a strong knowledge of the Lakes Region and a close connection with many area organizations, Enhanced Images will assist in presenting your business as a leader in its field, adding credibility and visibility to your product or service. Call for a consultation and discover what opportunities await!

Creative Writing, Copy writing and Editing
Create a professional edge by presenting your business using Enhanced's copy writing and editing abilities. Polish is important!

Enhanced Images takes great pride in its creative writing and professional editing skills. Representing a growing number of small businesses and individuals in print andthe media has become an enjoyable focus for Enhanced's Kimberly Thomas. Having written creatively for over thirty years, Kim enjoys personalizing and promoting her clients image, and takes an interactive position in drawing the clients interests and accomplishments in to the presentation of their message. Rather than a packaged "product", Kim's style reflects her direct connection to the subject at hand.

Web Design
Today, over 80% of businesses are represented on the web. A web site can certainly be one of your most positive business enhancements in today's market. Choose your site design and message, mark your demographics, and we can provide a site that will offer much more than simple information. An interactive, attractive site will gain recognition and earn valuable feedback from your clients. Set a gauge by which your professionalism may be measured. See our pricing schedule.

Enhanced agents ensure the most up-to-date development, hosting and technical services are readily available to you. Our extensive experience with quality site design, reliable maintenance programs, and professional marketing services is evident in our award-winning sites. Hosting services start as low as $9.95/month, and monthly statistical reports let you know how your site is faring, even in this changeable market, so that your focus can be set. Additional collaborations and qualifications can be reviewed at Garden Plum Enterprises.

Newsletter Creation & Production
Newsletters and E-zines are great business enhancements. Your newsletter represents your base of knowledge to your industry, and to your clients. Kim has produced newsletters for a number of organizations and businesses in the Lakes Region, with an early focus on landscaping, conservation, and the Hospitality industries in New England. Enhanced offers extensive experience in quality print production, and direct mailing. Kim's love of digital photography, and a strength in researching her subject are obvious in Belknap Landscape Company's newsletter, which has been produced seasonally for over six years. Many fine examples of these newsletters can be found at www.belknaplandscape.com .

A more recent focus is the monthly E-zine, a great way to keep in touch with multiple clients or employees, with a surprisingly high degree of response. Let us show you how it works! Your provided e-mail addresses, and a small monthly fee can result in hundreds of visits to your site within days of a campaign.* Increase your database through direct referrals and never send an unsolicited email again!

Logo design
Would you like to imprint an image of your business permanently in your customer's mind? A great logo is one that clearly represents your service or industry, easily branding your business and gaining familiarity in the local marketplace. An attractive, memorable logo will add long term recognition and enhancement to your business. Small businesses often change logos mid-stream, as they gain visibility and grow into their market. Let Enhanced update or create a logo specifically for your business, integrating the familiar with the fantastic, or adding a twist to your business name.

A good example of logo design can be viewed at Interlakes Automotive Services.

Other Enhanced Services:
Graphic Design
Personal Promotion Agency & Representation
Image Building
Resource Advocacy

Customer Service Training
Marketing Seminars

Strategic Philanthropy
Offer manpower, knowledge or assistance to your community, and make it count! Every one of us has something to offer, or we would not be in business! Let Enhanced Images show you where your talents or support might be used to benefit your community, while gaining visibility for your efforts. Sponsorship and collaboration offer excellent connections, adding to the spirit of community effort, and creating a cooperative environment for networking and reciprocal advertisement. Kim Thomas has a natural ability to connect organizations and resources, in the Lakes Region and beyond, to the benefit of all concerned. Underwriting, volunteering, sponsorship, and participation are worthwhile business endeavors. In the past, Kim has worked with:

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust
'Celebrate Your Lakes Day'
The Squam Lakes Science Center
' Kirkwood Gardens Wildflower Day'
The Squam Lakes Association
Lyman's Annual Halloween Haunted Forest (to benefit New Beginnings)
MicroCredit of New Hampshire:
Presenting 'Marketing on a Shoestring' Seminars
The New Hampshire Lakes Association
The Lakes Region Family Services Association
Girls Inc.of Laconia
Cassie Plimpton Sponsorship Drive
The Saint Frances Home
The Belknap Mill Society
Belknap Landscape Company, Inc.
The Laconia/Wiers Beach Chamber of Commerce
The United Way, and many more...

*As with any ad campaign, results may vary!